The PAYPR Organisation helps develop young people who are struggling with many of life’s obstacles and difficulties. Our focal point of nurture is through 1:1 mentoring, group discussions and workshops.

These are delivered through existing paths and services, or in collaboration with outside agencies. If specific specialised support or help is required we will then act as a middle platform to signpost those in need to the appropriate organisation.

We use our experience, knowledge and understanding of services to provide tailored support that delivers the best results.

A young person involved in our program will benefit from valuable life advice and help through our 1:1 mentoring service and workshops. Our different platforms also provide a place for the young person to learn new skills, build upon existing skills, increase their knowledge and complement and enhance their CVs.

Our PAYPR abbreviation stands for Positive Attitudes Yield Positive Results. We have access to highly trained mentors with collective vast experience.

Our aim is to reverse the negative statistics for young people in the areas of mental health, well-being, crime, career progression and sustainment.

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